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Do I Need Social Media For My Business?

Updated: Aug 1, 2021

The answer is yes! Its 2021, and social media is highly used by 79% of the US population alone. That means, on a daily basis, the majority of us spend about 144 Minutes on Social networking every day. This is about a 66% increase from 2012. (*) Here is a breakdown of usage and popularity based on the most popular social medias currently.

Social media is clearly one of the best ways to get your brand seen, but let’s think a little deeper. Social media is free, and you have the potential to reach so many people. The key though, is reaching the correct people. Let’s run through a few reasons how social media can be beneficial to your brand.

14 Benefits of Social Media Marketing

  1. Increase brand awareness. This one is simple. It's an easy way to organically get yourself out there and get your brand more widely known. The more you get yourself out there, the more you will be known, and Top of mind.

  2. Stay top of mind. This is marketing 101. The more people see the ads, or if we are talking about organic, your free posts, the more likely they are eventually going to click it, head to your page, and hopefully your website. Stay relevant and stay top of mind. Even if that’s subconsciously. People see you often. This is the same concept as any type of advertising.

  3. Humanize your brand. Real human connection. Not just a bot. responding to people in real time. People appreciate knowing there is a real human life who cares behind the brand. So, to the next point: leadership, and your personal brand.

  4. Establish your brand as a thought leader. Be a leader. If you are the CEO you also want a personal account and this can also help with brand awareness. You want to create your personal brand as well as your company's brand. Add value as a person and people will find and humanize your company. Your actions are important. Adding value to people is important. This is also a good way to become more credible and respected in the business community. What you share is important.

  5. Increase web traffic. Have a blog, promote it on your socials, bring in more traffic this way in just one click. Using CTA on posts is easy and simple. Have a new product, let's promote it.

  6. Generate leads & boost sales. While you're getting yourself out there and increasing your brand awareness, people will start coming to you. you will start to generate leads, gather information from those who visit your site, and soon, you will start to see a boost in sales.

  7. Partner with influencers. Influencer marketing is booming right now. Not just those with millions, but micro influencers as well. They are more affordable and an easy way to humanize your brand. Influencer marketing isn't for everyone, but it is certainly something to think about. We can also think about it this way: Everyone's an influencer. From 10 followers to 10k, everything you post is still having some sort of influence on people. This is why creating good sharable content is important to your brand.

  8. Go viral. This is why we make things captivating, shareable, and relatable. Going viral is one of the best things to happen, well, if it's for a positive reason. Maybe you posted a funny video to your YouTube channel, and now it's being shared and posted all over social media. Everyone is seeing it, and you start to increase your own following.

  9. Easy customer service. Have a quick one on one chat with a follower, or engage with your followers via message or in comments. This also goes back to humanizing your brand. They see a real person and not just a bot behind a computer.

  10. Learn more about your customer. Learn more about the patterns of your followers. Do they react to certain types of marketing? When do they find a need for whatever it is you have to offer? Maybe you even find a market you weren't thinking of before. You can learn a lot by studying social media patterns. What is it they are desiring now? Maybe last month it was one thing, but now it's something completely different. Buyers can be fickle.

  11. Keep an eye on the competition. Watch your competition. What are they doing? Is it working? What isn’t? What can you do differently, or better?

  12. Stay in the NOW. The best thing about social media is that it's almost like the newspaper for the world, but you get to choose what to follow. Keep abreast of current trends in your market, and never miss a beat when it comes to this ever evolving world.

  13. Targeted ads and Retargeting. Social platforms have a really user friendly ability to run paid advertising! Personally, my favorite thing is that Facebook and Instagram are now connected. This way, my ads can be created and run all in the same place. This makes things a little faster.

  14. Analytics. Most platforms have built-in analytics so you can see which posts are adding the most value. They are built right into each platform, making it clear how many people you've reached, who they are, and from that, how many clicks you got to your page, and to your website.



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