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Lead Nurturing for the Novice!

Are you following up with your leads in a timely and personalized manner?

Every leads should be entered into a "Nurture" workflow, which is a series of emails separately by some time, and typically connected by some logic statements. These If/Then statements determine whether each individual contact receives the next email, or gets kicked out of that workflow, enrolled in a different one, etc.

For example, you create an optimized landing page with a content offer. Maybe they are searching for widgets, and you have an eBook offer that explains all about widgets. The visitor gives you a little information about themselves to download your eBook and now that prospect becomes a lead in your CRM.

In the simplest of scenarios, you automatically enroll these leads into a workflow where your goal is to get them to set up a call with your sales team. Sometimes is takes a little "nurturing" to move your prospect a little further along the customer journey. Thinking about the flow of communication now will save you time and energy later.

Another way to keep your contacts engages, is to use "smart" lists. You can get really granular in the way you personalize messaging targeted to your prospect based on their activity or lack thereof. For example, did they watch video #1, but never get to video #2? Did they request a content offer, but never download it? Based on the nature of your relationship - or rather the lead's relationship with you - you can tailor a series of touch points to continue sending your visitors information that's timely and relevant to them.

Not sure where to get started? Reach out today for a consultation call and we'll walk through a template to get you started on the right path!

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